Cubby House Grass

Many of you have seen my rants about how good the grass is around my kids cubby house. It is awesome. And with little care from us which is even better. I do think it is just wonderful. I love that they can run out there in bare feet and everyone knows that they don’t have to worry about nasty little weeds coming up through and biting their feet. Although there has been a rise in ants, but we are getting on to that. It seems though  you can’t own echidnas, so we’ll start with chickens and then go further later.


Anyway I thought with all the chatting about the cubby I should show you our Kids little Home away from Home and its super soft and fluffy Palmetto under neath. And the dam in the back ground is a lovely. Reminds us that it really is a farm. I often wish that I could run away from work and sit on the Palmetto Hill and relax instead of working… Oh to be a kid again.


Chat Soon Sare

The cubby at the farm

The cubby at the farm
Note the picnic table for lunch times.