Creating Happy Healthy Family Homes

There has been a lot of talk lately about creating a better breathable world for us all to live in. We all want to make sure that the air we breath is fresh, clean and healthy. We are now all so much more aware of the harms that plastic can do not only to our environment but our personal bodies as well. And what is the most basic of things we could all do to ensure the quality of our breathable air is of high standards?

Have a lawn!

Happy Healthy family lawns

According to a recent study performed in the US by TPI, an area as small as 48 square meters of green lawn can provide a family of four with enough clean breathable oxygen for a year! And at the same time this 48sqm of Lawn can also provide the piece of mind and happiness of having a green area for your family to look at and play on. TPI has also researched that seeing healthy green colours mentally makes us all feel happier. And I know that hearing my kids laughing and playing on the lawn always makes me happy.

Air Quality!

My friend has one of those cone shaped air purifiers in her home. It puts a “Forest Friends” smell into the air. I guess it kinda smells like pine. I was thankful that it didn’t smell too much like the Forest Friends as I had thoughts of woodland animals and their musky smell.  But all the Air Purifier really does is put more smells into the air. Where as your lawn will actually absorb all the air around it, absorb all the pollutants and then release beautiful clean fresh air for you and your family to breathe.

So really your lawn is the best air purifier you could ever own. Its easier to use, cheaper to look after and you never have to clean the filters. And it is much more aesthetically pleasing to look at than a cone in your lounge room. Maybe we need to start having a little patch of green lawn in our lounge rooms? Having a real  air purifier in our house rather than a plastic pretend one. Aren’t we all trying to get rid of the plastic?

Instead of importing plastic into our home, lets just use our lawns to make us healthier and happier. Save ourselves money, and save the planet at the same time.  Get a Coastal Turf lawn to create a happy healthy family home. Contact us now!

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