Creating the Green and Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games!

Get Ready Gold Coast! The Commonwealth Games are coming and everyone will be coming to play in our backyard. So lets make our Backyard the Greenest and most beautiful anyone who has gone to a Commonwealth Games has ever seen.

Like all the athletes getting ready for the Commonwealth games, trying and getting Fit, lets all get our lawns into premium shape before the games. Lets show the rest of the Commonwealth how Green we are. Lets get ready to Preform! With so many people coming into town, with them renting our homes with Air BNB, or just driving past , looking at our homes, lets show them how wonderful our Gold Coast is.

The Green and Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Whether you feel you want a whole new lawn installed, or you feel that your lawn just needs a little tender loving care to create a beautiful showcase for your home, Coastal Turf can help you to achieve a beautiful green showcase for your home. Lets make the Gold Coast, the Green and Gold Coast. Whats more Aussie than Green and Gold!!!

Lets show how the GC (No lets call it now the GCC- Green and Gold Coast) is not a slave to the concrete jungle. We are a Lean, Mean and Green! We are strong and cool because our Green areas create cooling fir our homes, and fresh beautiful clean air for us to breathe. And it stimulates our happiness receptors on our brain because our GGC is so visually stimulating that all will be jealous of the beauty we will in.

From our Golden Beaches through to our Green parklands and more importantly our Gorgeous Green home lawns, the Green Gold Coast is so Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Contact us now to find out how we can help create the Green Gold Coast in your home. 

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