Coastal Turf – The gold at the end of the Rainbow

Yesterday Dad and I were sitting down to have smoko when it of course started to rain, but only on one side of the shed. The sun was shining through from the other side and it formed to most beautiful rainbow! Which landed on the Queensland Blue Couch Paddock.  Talk about the Gold at the end of the rainbow!

For softness, deep colour, low watering and durability Qld Blue Couch is definitely a pot of Gold. And like gold its an investment; in your home, your lifestyle, and the environment.

Research says that turf increases your homes aesthetic value and perceived value. Qld Blue is the most drought tolerant grass, which means you are watering less, and conserving the water ways while not only storing carbon(grass is the best for carbon stores) but also putting oxygen back into the air. And your lifestyle can only be improved when you don’t have to clean mud out of your house everyday, and you can send family, friends and pets outside to enjoy the soft green.

So why not put some Gold in your lawn.


Pot of Gold


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