Coastal Turf on TV

Well our grass will be anyway. And most likely to be on TV in England. But it is there! Super Super excited! During the week we had a call from the amazing people out at the Clarrie Hall Dam Farm near Murwillumbah to supply them some turf for their production they are conducting out there at the moment. This project is very exciting for the whole region. After a long drive out there Dad delivered the turf to an area that he said doesn’t really look like a TV set yet. (Think he thought that the place might have Personalities running around rather than Landscapers. I can understand why he was disappointed. For Dad Landscapers aren’t exciting. Maybe I will deliver out there next time to check it out.) But really what do we know about what a TV set looks like? When we supplied the turf to Big Brother at Dreamworld they wouldn’t even let my Little Brother (hehe. was a funny pun at the time too) through the gate. They had to hand unload it off so that the poor crew could take it into the house. Our name was on the credits really quickly though.

But it does seem that Queensland Blue Couch is the is the preferred grass of TV. Maybe its colour comes up better for film, or maybe its just easy going, which is probably good for TV too.


Our other brush with stardom is that my daughter Hollie is on Toasted TV on the 18th March 2013! Bit excited. She says she is the one splashing in the back ground.

So I think a great big congrats to the Northern NSW area for attracting all these TV crews to our area, and a personal thanks for involving my family.

Chat soon


PS look for Hollie on the 18Th and the soft green blues of the Murwillumbah mini series soon. Don’t worry, I think I will add in links. SOOO EXCITED!