Coastal Turf Lawns – Enter to Dominate!

I don’t know if its because we are a family business, or maybe its just our personalities, but when we supply a lawn or even better supply and install a lawn, we start a relationship with our customers.

I still have customers who had their lawn installed 4 years ago text me pictures and asks advice on their lawns. This makes it is really important to us that we supply a a beautiful product so when we catch up with our customers at the Grocery store, or a school, or at a party, there is only good things to chat about.

And in supplying a beautiful product for people to create Amazingly beautiful lawns for play areas, and feature spaces at their home, or just a bit to bring the green into their homes be it getting a home ready for sale, or creating a life long area to caress your home, we strive to help you create the best lawn in the street.

Well the Facebook page Australian Lawn Fanatics is having a Lawn Domination Competition. So now we can prove beyond a doubt that a Coastal Turf lawn is the best in the Street! Like one of our lovely customers said today, “It was amazing when we rolled out the green carpet…We get so many compliments on it”

Should you choose to accept this challenge of the Australian Lawn Fanatics, Coastal Turf will have your back. We will give you site specific tips and advice on how to create the best lawn at your place, (and make sure we fit within your budget).  We will recommend the best turf type for your lawn to create a Gorgeous Green! We will give you the right advice on preparation and installation and after care. And if you really want to go all out, we can put you in touch with one of our Professional Installers to do all the hard work for you. So you can just sit back and take all the accolades.

Call us now on 0266763695 or send through an email to me on sarah@coastalturf.com.au

And for all of our existing Coastal Turf Customers, who already have the advantage of having a Coastal Turf Lawn, give me a call for advice on how to perfect your Lawn to Dominate the competition! We can come and drop off a bag of Fert to encourage the Full Green and help you Dominate your street.

Let us know how we can help you!

For more details on the competition this is from their Facebook site.

Munn’s fertiliser #neighbourhooddomination comp.

email a pic of how your lawn dominates your neighbours to australianlawnfanatics@gmail.com and you could win a prize pack for your state.

Lets show them that Turf Lawns are Tough, But Gorgeous! And Coastal Turf Lawns are the best!!!

Chat soon to form our plan