Coastal Turf Christmas Party

Well the Turf Farmers that Grass Together Party Together. On Christmas Eve we had a little BBQ to wish the Christmas cheer to start early. And to mark the occasion it Rained, and then Rained and rained. What a wet Christmas we had here, and  we did get pretty much water logged again.

But we did have a great Christmas with our annual water fight just a lot wetter than usual and a lot slower for me. My kids put me in a wheel chair and used me as a tank to wet people. I think it shows love on their part?

But now Coastal Turf is right back into it with only New Years Day Holiday off from now on. So if you need to turf that mud in time for New Years (hopefully dry) celebration let us know so we can get the turf to you as soon as possible. So lets all go and do the Anti-rain dance for new years and party on on our lovely soft (if but a little wet underfoot) grass.