Coastal Turf and EPAR

Well Coastal Turf is going REALLY Green! Today we are having our first environmental meeting with Ben Gibson from EPAR to discuss environmental procedures and records tht we now have to keep under Australian Law. Its really interesting and I am proud to say that 99% of what we are doing is in line with the law! We just aren’t keeping the records in the right way. So that is just down to me. I will do better at the paper work. Now that Ben has given us these awesome fill in paper work t will be great. I am so excited!


Last month w got our Solar panels in, and now we are getting the peice of paper from EPAR to say that we truely are GREENIES. How funny, I always knew Turf was Gren but now I have a piece of paper to prove it. I definetly recommend that you go to the EPAR website and check it out.



Thanks Ben

Chat Soon