Coastal Mix…

Coastal Mix? Is that a typo I hear you say. No! Its a variety of grass that my Dad and Brother the turf fanatics that they are, developed 5 years ago now. About the time that Charming Hollie was born. I did suggest that that call it Hollie Grass but they thought that was weird, (and of course that meant for every grandchild Dad had he would have to make up another grass symbiotic. Slightly tricky). So anyway getting back onto point…


Coastal Mix is the symbiotic combination of Queensland Blue couch and Carpet Grass. Dad and Rob noticed that the two grasses would often try to grow in each others paddocks and had even turned up at home in Dads back yard growing together really happily. Rob happened to be doing his Masters in Agronomy at the time so he came up with the analogy of the Symbiotic Relationship (as in the two rely on each other to grow). Now I don’t know about your back yard, but in most people I know, they’re backyard has lots of sunny parts and lots of shady parts, great for people not so great for one specific grass. So the Queensland Blue Couch is really soft underfoot and loves the sun, and is not very thirsty; and the Carpet grass is really hardy, enjoys the shade and drinks about the same as a Queensland Blue Couch. So a perfect match. Where the Queensland blue Couch wont grow because of the shade the Carpet will and vise versa. And its the perfect kids grass. Always soft underfoot, but strong enough to have kids on it 12 hours a day. Its great.


My yard has many combinations in it from turf offcuts and experiments, but Coastal Mix is my favorite. Its pretty, easy to take care of (little maintenance due to its drought tolerance) and always green! Almost like Hollie; the only exception is that Hollie isn’t green, unless she is jealous.


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Hollie on Coastal Mix

Hollie on Coastal Mix