Coastal Mix – The perfect family lawn.

The perfect Coastal Family Lawn

*Coastal Mix is a combination of the Qld Blue Couch and native Carpet grass.
*Coastal Mix is a Dark green colour
*Coastal Mix is the perfect family Lawn. It is light and soft underfoot, but won’t be worn away by little feet or paws.

*The Carpet Grass component requires less mowing as like a carpet, it will grow out. As a native it has adapted to thrive in our wet and dry climate extremes. Combing with the softness and dark colour of the Qld Blue, Couch, Coastal Mix has the best of both worlds – tough yet soft and fluffy.

  • Great for rental properties1

*Carpet Grass within a symbiotic relationship with Queensland Blue couch creates the Perfect Family Back Yard Lawn Grass – Coastal Turf’s Coastal Mix. *Coastal Mix grows in sandy salty soils as well as richer darker soils.

  • And is the most effective lawn, to purchase and to maintain! You don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful!