Coastal Mix, the Coastal Lawn

A Good Lawn is a Green lawn. I believe it should be soft and fluffy, an impressive green colour and make you happy when you look at it. It should bring a calmness over you. A sense of joy and pride. But it shouldn’t make you cringe at how much it cost you. The pride should come from knowing you spent your hard earned money on something that is beautiful and an investment into your home.

At this time of year especially when the weather is cooler and you need something outside to make you feel happy and want to venture out, even if it is just to hang out your washing. Especially to hang out your washing. That is one job I hate and try to avoid all the time. But I must say having the soft blue couch under my feet makes it a lot nicer to be out hanging out clothes, especially when I know that in two days time I will be hanging out again. School uniforms! Ahhhh!

Anyway, the Coastal Mix is a combination of the super soft lovely Blue Couch and the strength of the Carpet Grass to make a fantastic Dark Green Lawn, that doesn’t take much love and care to make it look fantastic. And it won’t cost you the earth either, in water management, establishment, nor initial purchase. And it will make you feel better, that although you spent a LOT of money on those lovely school uniforms, (which your kids have spilt paint, yogurt, texta, and goodness knows what that brown stain is) you didn’t on the nice grass comforting your feet as you hang them out AGAIN! And they can spill all that interesting stuff on the lawn, and it won’t get weird stains. Believe me my kids coloured in the leaves of the carpet grass when they were little. And it still grew.


Well, I’m off to wash MORE school uniforms to be worn tomorrow to then be hung out AGAIN the next day.

Have fun, chat soon


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