Christmas Cheer helps to create beautiful lawns.

We are BACK! And ready and rearing to go! After a weekend of lots of Wine and Beer and even more food than I think we could really handle, we are back on the farm making sure that we can provide you with the best lawn for your yard.

Holiday Drinks!

The paddocks have had a lovely drink as well, with beautiful rain gracing our paddocks over the break. This has really  brought out the Blue couches natural glow. Both the A grade Blue couch and the Coastal Mix are now sparkling in the sun.

Holiday Food!

The Paddocks have also had a HUGE feed. Like my delicious meals of excessive eating over the past week, the paddocks have received large doses of Organic Boosts like Chicken manure and our secret fertiliser combination. And unlike the growth of my stomach over the Holiday season, the growth on the farm is welcome and celebrated. The growth of my stomach is commentated on by my children in the “not so bikini body” type way. Yet they are happy and excited by how much the couch and Palmetto has grown. Hmm go figure.

The boys are working off their Christmas Cheer (because it is obviously only me who got a tummy. They got Cheer.) to ensure that the grass looks and feels amazing. So after the Boys have all done the hard work to create a beautiful turf grass to become your new lawn, you can sit back and relax, eat and drink some more on your new lawn, and Relax.


Start the New Year with a beautiful New Lawn. Give us a call now to arrange your delivery, or have one of the Boys install your new lawn all for you.  0266763695