Well our six weeks of having Lauren come in and push papers and answer your calls in the office are over. I for one will really miss her. It has been wonderful coming to work knowing Marcus, my youngest, was in her safe hands, and lovely knowing that while she was here, Coastal Turf was in safe hands. And so starts the Marcus come to work times again. He is not enjoying as much as he thought he would. Turns out Mummy really does work at work, not just play…Who knew. Oh well might get hot chips for lunch and say we had too because Marcus needed them…hehehehe

But I think we may have shifted her kids to the farm life as well. They loved to play on Marcus’ tractor.

So Turf is not just in the blood, but is contagious I guess. At least the riding cool tractors is.
Yours in Turf
Oh don’t forget to check out our FaceBook page now. Something Lauren set up before she left. Thanks Lauren!