How can you get a new Brillant Green Lawn at your place?

Isn’t modern technology just great? And being mobile means that I can have so much more freedom and time to do all the millions of things I have to do in my day. Like answering emails, and taking orders to make sure that new lawns are delivered and installed to people when they need and want them. I have found the best way to chat with people is on the go. Going mobile means not only can I track the farm and make sure you are getting the best quality new lawn at your place, but it also means we can chat to you from the farm. On the paddock that will become your new lawn. Very cool.

And it also means that if you have a bit of a rush job, I can get your call, or email or text quickly and help with your new lawn as quickly as possible.

from Email to new lawn!

So your new Coastal Turf lawn can be at your place with the easy steps of Email, phone or text.

Chat Soon

Maybe via email, maybe via text, or the old fashion way across the phone. I really do love face to face though.