Calling Green Couch, Green Couch.

I am one of those people who enjoy straight talking. I do love a joke, and but I would rather a spade be called a spade. Tell me if I have something in my teeth. I like the honest truth. And I’ll give you the best advice on the information I have I can. I do like a compliment, but will take knocks on the chin and learn from them. Sounds a bit like  a line from a dating agency, doesn’t it.


Its not meant to be. I am just trying to say that when you call, email, or get us out personally to give you a price on Turf, Installation, or the whole package, it will always include GST. So the price is the price. I think that you should know the whole price up front, rather than be given a price, then have to add some more money on top. You should be able to make a decision on prices reasonably and as Turf producers we have the responsibility to give you the right information, especially on price. Its your hard earned money we are talking about. And at Coastal Turf we believe you need the right information to make the choice where to spend YOUR money. So be rest assured that when you ask for our prices they are straight up! So make sure you ask other companies whether their GST is included or is it an extra price you have to pay. Its not like GST is an optional extra. Its something we all have to pay! So at Coastal Turf we are straight up. Your money is too  important to throw away, especially when its hidden.

Green is Green. And our price is GST inclusive.


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Just thought I’d show you how super green the farm is at the moment after the rain. Gorgeous!

The green couch paddock near the shed is super green and lush!

The green couch paddock near the shed is super green and lush!