Busy weeks ahead

Well this week is not just just about turf for me here, but about the first week of school! My eldest son Riley (who has Autism – so later on when I say he has done something silly you understand) and my Middle child Hollie (my only daughter thank god love my girl but she is so like me its SCARY) start school on Thursday! Wow. This is Hollies first year at school – my big Kindergarten girl and Riley is going into Primary School – so big and grown up. I know I am going to be the one at the gate crying and they will be saying “Just go Home Mum”. Lucky Marcus (my youngest still only 2) will have to stay home with me. So excited for them, but also nervous.

I think they’ll be great, especially together. Riley has now been going to school full time for 3 years, so he tells us he has it down pat now and he’ll show Hollie what you do at school. Hollie said no she would be the one who tells Riley because that’s how it works at home. Should be an interesting¬† day on Thursday for their poor teachers. Must tell them that Holl is a little bossy and but can stop Riley in his tracks if he goes silly.

So not really thinking about turf this week,¬† as I’m sure lots of you aren’t. Its mostly about going back to work, taking your beautiful babies to school, then getting back into the swing of things. But although I am not all here at Coastal Turf Barbara still is here and her children’s children have been going to school for many years now, so she is cool and calm headed and can take all your calls. If you ring after 4pm though expect a slightly crazy Sarah answering. I will definitely post some very cute pictures on Friday of my 2 going to school. But no I wont be putting on any of me whimpering at the gate. Next week though we are back to the green adventures of turf. Might rename Marcus Turf – lad so he feature more in the blog.

Chat soon


Mother of 2 big kids going to school and crazy turf lady.