Building a House?

well for all those peole who have are are building a house I sympathise and sigh an exhausted sigh with you becuase we are now in the same boat. My Husband and I are building a house. Now Happy to say we didn’t get divorced over the plans, there were a few touch and go moments there, but we got them back to the builder. Now we are just going through every single council department that there is. Goodness knows I didn’t know how many there were until this. I don’t think our poor builder did either.

I now understand why people who have finished their homes call here and sound exhausted but also excited at the same time. So after only experiencing a little bit of building pain, I thought of ways we could help new home builders get what they want not what everyone thinks they need. Coastal Turf already has a Measure and Quote free service, which I think helps put peoples minds at ease. And we do pride ourselves on have an excellent installation team, so you finally don’t have to do anything but watch the grass grow (hehehe). And now The web site is helping people take care of their investment lawn. And Micheal is offering great package deals on grass and installation. Because I know that you really need it all done right and quick. So give him a call and get your house and garden over and done with as quickly as possible and at the right price.