Bring your Dog to work day. Everyday at Coastal Turf

Friday the 23rd was bring your Dog to work day. I told Keith, Ethel, Jessica, Millie and Indiana this exciting news and they just wagged their tails.

Although every day at Coastal Turf is bring your Dog to work day. Sometimes I wonder whether Jessica, Ethel and Keith believe in their doggie heads that is really bring your owner to work day, because I am the only one that can drive the car. Its a good to save their legs you know. All that running around the harvester is a lot of hard work. And in their heads, really important. I think that Jessica feels that if she didn’t the harvester wouldn’t work. Keith and Indy on the other hand are content to keep John company in the harvester.

And deliveries are always a pleasure with my Dogs there to keep me company.

I do think though that maybe we all just forgot to NOT Bring our Dog to Work today.

I don’t know about you, but I know that our dogs help us see fit, help us to relax and take away stress in our lives. A great big cuddle from a dog is wonderful. And the lick up the side of the face means you cant really take life too seriously.


They are a really part of the family. Ones that won’t talk back. Always are excited to see you and look at you with that face.


And thats why Coastal Turf make sure we have turf lawn varieties to suit all dog sizes and shapes. We always make sure that each varitiety is tested by our dogs at home and at work. As an important part of our families they need their rooms (your yard) to be clean and safe happy places. And natural grass is the best at absorbing their toileting habits. Give us a call and we will help you pick the best type of turf for the really loving member of your family. Keith, Ethel, Jessica, Indiana and Millie will make sure of it.

Chat soon


Keith and Indy. The Turf dogs. Perfect to trial the grass for your 4 legged family members.

And now with the girls as well, each variety is tested for all dog walks of life.