Breath easy with Coastal Turf Lawn.

Monday morning and the week is all afresh. Even the weather seems a little brighter this week. I’m taking this as a sign of a wonderful week. A week full of making people happy with their investment of a beautiful green lush Coastal Turf Lawn.

Last week I was hand delivering 15sqm to a gentleman at kids drop off me and I had a lot of people walking past saying “Good Morning” and doing the weird looks people give me when I hand deliver turf. I guess its because  I don’t throw it on the ground. I gently pick up each slab and then place it on the ground. I believe that when you purchase turf you are investing in your home. And, like any investment, your lawn should be delivered with care.

I love being a turf farmer and producing a wonderful product, and I love making people happy when we deliver their green investment. Because its not just an investment in your home, but in your well being as well. Your wonderful lawn will increase the value of your home on average by $70,000, and will improve your air quality. Making it easier to breath, metaphorically and Practically. At Coastal Turf we like to help with your investment into your home and lifestyle.

So have a lovely week of breathing easier, and smiling over the green.

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