School holiday Lawn fun

Autumn is here and the air is cooling down. And that means its much nicer to be outside, especially when your installing your new lawn. Our climate here on the North Rivers and the Gold Coast is so special and wonderful that it means we have great planting and growing weather all year. So its much nicer to be outside installing your new lawn in the cooler months of April, than in the heat of January. And with the kids at home with school holidays its is GREAT time to bribe and, well not use kid labour, but ask for help from you adoring children to install your new lawn.


IMG_0140_convertedThis family had the advantage of a teenage son who was wonderful at helping and  installing new lawns. School holidays are a great time to install your new lawn. So teenagers and  primary school kids are great at unrolling your lawn. And the little ones can be chief waterers.

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