Blue Couch Homes

Some times talking about our Blue Couch con become very confusing. Just because the english language is strange. The spelling for Couch (the Lawn grass) and Couch (the chair you sit on usually in the lounge room) is exactly the same. They do share similar qualities I guess. Well they should depending upon the type of chair couch you have. Like they are both soft fluffy and comfy to sit on. And in some cases, similar colours. And if you are like my family, they both have toys over them. Thankfully it is only my lawn couch that has bikes across it, and both always have balls, dolls, bears, bats (the type used to hit balls with, another one of those strange words), and other very loved toys abandoned across them waiting for someone to come and pick them up. Usually a loving mother, but more and more now I am making the kids pick them up themselves. (But enough of my mothering skills that I am getting better at being strong in the face of picking up toys that I have DEFINITELY not played with).

So the Blue Couch lawn looks a lot more inviting most of the time than my couch inside. Mostly because after a day on the farm with my boots on, I love coming home, taking my boots off and walking across the lawn with my bare feet on the soft fluffy almost massaging lawn. It makes my feet feel back in touch with what is important in life. From the ground up so to speak. And I love the afternoon times as well because it is really is so much more relaxed. There is no rushing and moving to get kids to school, its just easy going time to spend with the kids. And talk them into picking up their own toys!

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