Turf on the Weekends

With the NSW school holidays coming to an end, I find myself reflecting back on what I actually did with my kids this winter break. And then I felt exhausted. Quite a bit! And yet there are always things that you plan on doing but never actually get time to complete, isn’t there? Aren’t all holidays like that, or in fact even weekends? The best laid plans of Mice and Men, hey?

And I often do get calls either very late on Friday night or on Saturday morning asking if we can deliver turf over the weekend. The answer is YES. Saturday morning deliveries are a norm here at Coastal Turf. I believe that if you can get your turf early Saturday morning then you do have the rest of the weekend to install it or even better enjoy your weekend! But our grass stays in the ground until you guys order it, so its fresh and in top condition for when it becomes your lawn. So we do need a little more than an hour notice to get the turf to you.

For Saturday morning deliveries, let us know at the latest on the Thursday afternoon before the weekend. This 2 days notice allows us to ensure your new lawn arrives in top condition looking great and on the day and time that best suits. I understand that Life is not always that planned and simple, and we do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs and desires.

So this weekend for turf at your place that will become your pride and joy lawn for everyone to enjoy and awe at, give us a call and we will bring it to your door. (more likely your dirt patch). And for those with Utes and trailers (and also I have seen people with VERY big Boots) feel free to arrange a pick up at the farm on the weekend as well. We would love to see you. Please remember though that 40sqm is 1 tonne. Very heavy. And NSW laws require you to have all loads secured now.


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