Beat the Crowds this Commonwealth Games – Play them at home on your own green for gold

One week until Easter. This in itself is pretty exciting. Its a four day weekend that is full of chocolate! What a fantastic time of year. One week until Easter means one week until Qld school holidays. And then on the 4th April beings the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

On the Gold Coast our lives may take longer than usual at the beginning of April. Our drives may take a little longer to get to the shops, to our friends and the fun places we usually go for school holiday shenanigans. So going to the park will take a long time and finding a car park will be an adventure in itself. Going to the movies will mean leaving an hour before you would usually, booking a day in advance, and then trying not to loose the kids as you walk through large crowds. And please do not get me started on where you will be able to buy lunch!


So this Easter, I think the best plan for us locals of the Commonwealth Games, is to out down some fantastic new lawn areas, so after the kids have watched some of the Games, either live and in person, or better yet on TV, we can send them outside to preform their own set of games on your lawn. Most of the games played on grass are played on different varieties of the Green Couch. The Wintergreen couch, which is fantastic as a domestic lawn, will preform like a Commonwealth Athlete for you over the years. A little time this Easter weekend, will mean a life time of a happy green lawn to entertain your family and friends.

And most importantly, a place for the kids over the school holidays. Its cheaper, easier and way more fun for the whole family , rather than having to battle to Gold Coast traffic and crowds.


Rugby Sevens!

This year on the super soft, yet touch, green couch, the Rugby Sevens will be battled out. The Men and Women of Rugby will be running, yelling and tackling on the soft green couch. The couch will comfort their strong, and most probably bruised, bodies as they come crashing onto the field. Now, if your family is like mine, they get quite, how can I say it, “physical” when they watch sport. There is jumping, and yelling and quite a lot of excitement. So when the game ends, the best idea for our family, is for me to send them outside, with a ball. Especially with these day games. I would suggest installing some beautiful green couch on your lawn. Create your own little field of dreams for your teams to battle it out for the gold hanging around their neck. Its going to save your couch and furniture. And most importantly, your sanity. Mow it high and leave a good leaf coverage to cushion bodies.


Shooting, Wrestling, and Gymnastics!

After a wonderful kick around of the ball, your family will probably settle down in the heat of the day to then sit down and watch a bit more of the games. They may have a quick look at the Shooting. If they are like my son, they may decide to whip out their own Nerf gun and have some target practice. “Not inside!” seems to be the most prominent words that come out of my mouth. I will absolutely be sending them out to practice their shooting for the next Commonwealth Nerf Games outside on the lawn.

Then comes the wrestling. Oh yay the wrestling. As much as I try to explain each and every day that the wrestlers on TV, at least at the Commonwealth Games, are professionals who train everyday and know how to fall to protect themselves; all my boys hear is my usual saying “Not inside!” And out they will go, onto the green couch to wrestle in relative comfort on the lush thick soft green couch. Again mow it high to cushion crashing bodies.

I am blessed (most days) to also have a daughter. And her friends that also appear at my home all the time. And they want to watch the Gymnastics. Which is amazing. Those people are skilled beyond compare. But they have been training since birth I think! No ones that flexible and coordinated with out at least some training. But the girls at my house, by the end of maybe 30 mins of watching amazing skill and talent, believe they have through osmosis from watching tv, got all the skills of the Gold medalist. They will tumble their way outside preferring cartwheels, roundoff and possibly a ribbon dance (but not really successfully) on the green couch lawn. Thank goodness for the soft comfort  of the lawn again. It will soften the physical blows of the crashing down of little bodies. I will be giving the mower a day off during the gymnastics.


Lawn Bowls

I suggest sitting your family down, calmly taking a glass of something refreshing, and watch the passive aggressive stares of people as they try to calmly roll a bigger ball down at a smaller ball. This is much better than fighting the traffic and the crowds and the heat.  Then I suggest, as you will already have a beautiful soft green couch lawn, go out with the family and set up a few balls, and bowl them down.

With your beautiful Green Couch lawn, mow it really short to allow the balls to flow easily across the manicured blades. This will give you a faster roll.  This should be relaxing. In the beginning. Now this is a sport that I wish my kids could preform with a little less vigour. Lawn bowls is not know for attracting loud people or violence. But they have never played it at the Turfman house. Usually we start quite calmly. And dignified. And then it gets down to a tape measure to see who’s ball is closer and progresses back to the wrestling spectacular.  Then I am happy that we left a smaller patch of the lawn a little longer. Not as many bruises.

For a beautiful Green Couch lawn this Easter and beyond, get in contact with us today to arrange delivery and or installation for the perfect Commonwealth Games spectacular at your place. Less Crowds, but all the fun!

I am even considering having the groceries delivered for 3 weeks.

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