Backyard Cricket. Its time to start getting ready!

One of the few sports I am still able to slightly compete with my kids is backyard cricket. Every Christmas our family gets tother and we have a really silly game. Its all about having a hit and bowling a few( while we knock back a few ). And of course the wheelie bin is the wickets. Its a family tradition that we all love, and we have passed on to our kids, and friends who have come over for Christmas fun. And now is the time to start preparing your Perfect Pitch for these Summer games.
Backyard scoreboardFB_Turf_backyard cricket

I think I love Cricket with my kids more than any other sport because it is truely non contact. At no stage should I be pushed or nudged to the ground. Just have balls thrown at me. And now I have my glasses (and sometimes a few glasses) I am a pretty good shot. My bowling leaves something to be desired, but my underarm is right up there.

Well I’mm off to do a few rain dances to help our lawn and lawn paddocks get ready to be your Summer Cricket Backyard. So watch the Big Bash on TV, and have a little Bash in your yard.

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