Back to School, Back to normal?

Todays the day. The day my “free” labourers leave*. My kids are going back to school. Away from the heat and humidity of working on the farm during the day, and back to the air conditioning rooms of school. 

I love the school holidays. It means I get to spend some quality and not so quality time with my kids on the farm for me and at new lawn installations with their father. And, I know, it helps them to know why we come home so dirty and tired at night. It also gives us time to chat about all the different happenings in their lives. 

I learn so much about my daughters friends over the last 6 weeks. I now know more about Rugby League and Rugby Union and the differences that I ever did before. And why a Playstation is much better than a Xbox. I must admit that this one I am still a bit blurry on. 

And my kids know the difference between a couch and a buffalo. They understand the need to always have good manners, and they had lots of practice over the school holidays talking to customers. They also learnt how important it is to make sure that all the hoses are attached when you start the irrigation if you don’t want to get really really wet with Dam water. 

That is one of the beauties of Coastal Turf. We are a family farm. A family business, and we do not try and hide this. We celebrate it. So when you purchase your new lawn from us you know that not only are you purchasing a quality green lush lawn, you are also helping us support our children. 

Which is why we always thank you for your order. Because you helping us to educate our children, by sending them to the local High School and also teaching them the ways of the world. Manners. Customer Service. Making eye contact.

This is my two oldest on their first day at High School together. Year 7 and year 11. They made me take the photo at home.
  • Just a side note. My kids always get paid. My youngest (he is 10) is a great gofer. A Go for this tool, go for that tool, helper. And he wants to get paid in KFC. Easy. 
  • My daughter has discovered the joy of clothes shopping. I guess as a tween- teenager she will be. So clothes shopping is her payment. Thank god for Kmart
  • And my eldest, at 16,  loves WIFI, and playstation time. 
  • And they always, always get cash out of their father. I don’t carry cash just for that reason. It is already spent on their other needs. Like food and clothes and food 

Thank you!