Back to School, back to crazy routine!

The Kids first day this year. Hopefully second term is a little less rushed!

Its the end of the school holidays and that means I am going to have be a lot more organised every morning.

At the moment the Kids and I are going to the same place, The Farm, for the day.

From Monday the kids will be going to the school bus and I will be going to the farm, which means we all need to be up ready and going by 7.15am every day. Oh how I have enjoyed our 8am starts. It has been wonderful. It has been great to work along side my kids as well. I really enjoy having them on the farm with me, chanting about what is going on in their lives, them helping me move irrigation pipes, and the general fun it is to be with your kids when everyone is happy. And going back to school means that we are all jumping back into the weekend Sports and after school training as well. As a parent life does have its extremely busy moments and its fun laughing moments. And sometimes at the same time!

So for all those busy parents about to jump head first back into the school – work – sport – business that is school age kids, I totally understand if you have forgotten to order your turf for the weekend, we at Coastal Turf will do our best to make sure we can get you the right Turf on the right day to you. After all we are all busy, and sometimes planing a couple of days ahead is just unreasonable.

Chat soon all you busy people