Back to School Buffalo

A lovely friend of mine is building a house and called and said he wanted a hard wearing, tough, shade tolerant but not expensive lawn. He said to me that with school going back in 3 weeks, funds are pretty tight. And I totally understand what he is saying. Uniforms, shoes, books, bags, hats, USB sticks to name a few.

So I said to my friend I think I have the turf for you! So this is the birth of our Back to School Buffalo. Back to School Buffalo is that we are calling our new paddock. This paddock is where we have planted some Buffalo but over the extreme dry of last year and then lovely rain of the past couple of months, the Buffalo has been invaded by Green couch. When we had a look out over the paddock it is gorgeous and green, but it is definitely a mixture of grasses. It is the perfect Family Lawn for those on a budget, but want the look and feel of the buffalo. This lawn will be great for shadey areas with kids and dogs playing hard.

And because we know that going back to school can be a huge expense, we are offering this paddock out for $5.25 a sq.

So while you can have the kids at home you can have a back yard full of green lush grass. And then when they head out to school you can still have a lovely green lawn! Call me for more photos or come out and have a look!

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