Awesome Grass made better with Great Installation techniques

Well I had another Saturday morning in the mud and wind with my kids at Soccer and Hockey. It really made me a appreciate my lawn at home and how we don’t have low lying spots that collect water in puddles in the lawn that cause muddy ditches that small children (and not so small) children can saturate themselves in. And that is because of our good installation techniques that the area slopes away from the house, and doesn’t sit around doorways like we saw on the weekend. Club house are no fun for adults when you have to jump over a puddle to get in the door or the canteen. Kids however its great.

And Puddles are great for kids, don’t get me wrong. I, like the best of them, have jumped in my share of muddy puddles. But as a turf farmer now I understand that water lying on grass can cause all types of problems later on. Infections in the grass can be a nasty problem. Its a really good idea to make sure you do it right the first time and get it right. Also choosing the right grass for the right area for the right circumstances is very important. It’s no good putting a small leafed grass in a shadey area. This can cause die off and then bared patches that can turn into muddy puddles.

That’s why we are here to chat and help you choose the right grass for you. I saw an amazing yard that had Blue Couch out the front in the full sun and then Empire Zoysia out the back in the shaded areas. Looked fantastic! Green Everywhere, no bare patches!

Chat soon, I’m off to wash uniforms!