Australia Day Grass

True Blue Aussie Grass – That’s what Aussie Blue Couch is – it even has it in the name. Its tough, but really soft and cuddly underfoot, drought tolerant and down right beautiful. That’s all the qualities that I think all Australians have.

We are

Tough – when the going gets tough we all band together and fight it out to the best of all Australians

Soft and Cuddly – Not meant to mean we are all unfit, but meant to mean we are appraochable when someone needs help, and always ready to lend a sholder to someone to cry on

Drought Tolerant – droughts we can live through them, floods Ha we can concer them, normal every day weather – well when it comes Australians will get that as well. Luckily we have the grass to stand on

Down right Beautiful – Everyone of us are Gorgeous. In our Smiles. In our Laughter. In our Comradeship. We all just Rock! As a nation and as a people we are gorgeous in body and mind. And that is what really counts.

So Australians get behind Australia’s Real Aussie Grass! Aussie Blue! Its True Blue!