As Promised

As promised I have a gorgeous photo of my 2 big kids going to school. I would like to point out the independence and bond between my two lovely kids. They desperately wanted to catch the bus home together. I am proud and saddened at the same time. I turned up at school and they gave me their bags and said “race you Home”. Happy to say I can beat a bus to my house though.

Riley says the reason Holl has her eyes closed is because she is unaware of what is coming up at school. Like WORK! I think it was because her silly mother made her look into the sun. Not a very good photographer yet. Working SLOWLY on it. But they both did love it and it was great.

And then they decided to catch the bus to school this morning! Beginning to think they are way to social and used to people and big vehicles. Maybe all those rides on trucks was a mistake. I just wanted to pick up my kids on their first day of school! They did run in after the bus dropped them off happy and excited to see me though. That was really nice.

My wonderful brother came over last night to check how the kids went yesterday and I said great but they deserted me for the bus. So in True Turf Farmer way he says to me that’s because you did all the prep work before hand. After looking at him rather questioning for 5 seconds he said, “Well its like installing turf. (What I think. My kids are like grass now. You spend enough time around something I hope you don’t turn into it. True I clipper Riley’s hair that he calls mowing, but fertilizing them is out of the question. They produce a lot of fertilizer though. Anyway back to his speech). If you put down good soil, throw down down some organic booster and water crystals and install the grass properly, and make sure you clean up afterward, the grass has the best chance of not only surviving, but flourishing into a gorgeous green thick lush lawn that everyone wants to be around.” And I guess he is right if you look at it kinda that way. All the effort you put in the beginning makes your kids and grass who they are. I hope mine are not so much thick but definitely lush.

Chat next week


PS I also understand the financial pressures that kids starting school can create. So we have put on some super Going back to school Specials on out Couches and installations. Give Barbara or I a call and we can help you get your lawn so when your kids come back hyper, you can just send them outside!