And whats your backyard Used For?

Talking to lovely people on the phone this week about their backyards and putting down grass into them for all sorts of reasons. One lady had a large dog who needed a place to clean his paws before he came inside. Another Elderly couple needed an area covered so when their grand kids came over they could go in the backyard rather than run through their house. And a young Man who had just built his first home – he stated quite clearly NO KIDS AND NO DOGS, wanted it to be soft and easy to maintain and green all year. But mostly I get calls from young families needed a place for their kids to play and not bring dirt into the house.Friends of ours wanted to put a trampoline up, so they needed the softest spongy grass around the trampoline so when our kids feel out it wouldn’t be so bad. Noticed I said When. Marcus is fun – but really uncoordinated…

Marcus and his best friend Cohan jumping with soft green Blue Couch under the trampoline.

And all yards are different. They all have different amounts of sun and shade, and different uses. It may be for backyard sport or a wrestling arena, or little dogs to poo and clean their feet.  But it is yours and needs to be just for you…So give us a call and we can personally fit the right grass to you


Chat soon Sare