All the comforts of Home in my Coastal Turf Lawn

I have recently had to spend several days inside. Trapped in bed, forced to watch TV, play my phone, and have people bring me drinks, coming to me at the sounds of a bell. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? Sounds like I was on an amazing holiday and had hot and cold running service coming to pamper me. Well….that’s not really how it went. Really I was quite unwell and had to have a few days in a sterile room, with people making me feel better. Forcing me to drink fluids which will eventually make me feel better. The Nurses were amazing. The Doctor fantastic. And I truely thank them for all their efforts. 

Sitting in the cold sterile room with the artificial white light blaring down on me really made me miss outside. Miss the feeling of the cool wind whispering to me and chilling my fingers. Miss the warmth of the Real rays of the Sun fall on my body and warm me against the whispering wind. 

I am sure you all know about the perfectly clean ivory plastic covered freezing floors of all hospitals. The immaculate beaming white floors of a hospital are great when you have to clean up “mess”, but not so great when you have really cold feet with nothing covering them and you have to make a quick run to the toilet. Now I say quick, but I think we all know what I am really saying is the slow waddle of a sick person. And being a slow waddle means that my feet just get colder and colder. Even the nice toasty blankets of the warming blanket oven didn’t seem to want to invite the blood to return to by toes. 

What I really really missed was my blue couch lawn. Tragic; yes I know. But one of the few luxuries  I love to do of an afternoon is to yank off my dirt and other brown stuff laden boots, ripped of my usually colourful or decorated socks, and take my bare feet for a stroll over the Blue couch lawn, preferably to relax, but realistically to hang out washing. The softness and the cushioning of a year round lush Blue Couch lawn is so comforting to your soul.

I am not sure if I am a believer of Grounding (where you help centre your mind, body and spirit by making physical contact with the ground. Preferably with your feet, rather than your face. Try not to fall), but I am a believer and a choir singer about how wonderful it feels to walk and sit down on my lawn at the end of the day. I could preacher and convert, even preach to the converted (known as my family) about all the wonders and happiness I feel when I come home, turn off the phone, and run my little tootsies through the blades of Blue. I wouldn’t be a preacher though cause  I might waffle on to long. Happier to stand on the side and sing loudly about the Glories of Grass. I think people tend to remember the singing more than the waffle anyway at Church. Especially if the Choir is less than amazing. You always remember the screechers don’t you. 

Run your tootsies through the lawn

Having a Blue Couch lawn is a wonderful luxury that I did not realise was a luxury until I don’t have it with me now. Being a couch it is considered to be cheap and nasty, but I can tell you that just because you don not have to go an get a huge bank loan to own it does not mean it is nasty. I mean we all love a little shopping spree at Kmart. And having a Blue Couch lawn is a luxury because it mostly looks after itself. It is drought tolerant (so not much watering) it loves the sand, and enjoys a little salt spray. Blue Couch loves to bask in the hot sun of summers and stay a lustrous blue green colour. The colour is stunning. Almost a blanket of blue which flows across your lawn. Looking beautiful and inviting. And it rewards you every time you come to walk across it with all the warmth and comfort that a good lawn should. (For more info click here ) The tenderness of a beautiful blue couch lawn is calling to me. 

This afternoon I will be going home, leaving behind my holiday of white and sterility and returning to my real world of greens and more importantly Blues! Of real smiles and people telling me to get my own drinks. And of afternoons spent with my tootsies soaking up the happiness of the ground  and more importantly my lush winter Blue Couch lawn listening to my kids giggle and laugh as I watch them jump on the trampoline. Just a hint of advice though when you take off your shoes to walk through your super soft beautiful Coastal Turf Blue Couch lawn, Only do it in the afternoon. In the mornings in winter the ground is covered in dew, and this can make your naked feet as cold as if they were walking on a beaming white linoleum hospital floor, and will absolutely make you need to use the bathroom. 

Get in touch with the lovely Ladies in the office to get your Coastal Turf Tootsie comforting lawn today . 

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