A thicker kind of Cut to make your lawn look lush – for life!

I really thought that winter was half way over and I was really hoping that the weather was going to start to get warmer not colder. But Colder it has definitely got. I know my fingers and toes are not happy about the chill. But the grass seams to be not feeling the cold. As we were harvesting some gorgeous green for a gentleman today, it was a pleasure to sink my hands into the thick slabs to stack the turf delicately on the pallet. It was nearly as nice as it was running my hands through our dogs warm winer coat. Nearly – the dogs respond a lot better though.


I think part of the Coastal Turf pleasure is that we do harvest our turf with a thick slab of soil underneath so the roots can stay warm and most to aide in the establishment period. The turf doesn’t stress so much about being ripped out of the ground. It just takes some of its belongings with it. As you can see, the leaf takes up nearly half of the slab, and the other half is roots and soil. Almost small like , like it takes its home along with it. But much more welcome in your garden! By leaving the soil on the bottom of the slab, not only do you get the root system still in tact, but you also get all the great fertilisers and nutrients that we have been slowly feeding into the soil over the paddocks life to come home with you as well. This means a Coastal Turf Slab get a healthier kick start to its new life as your lawn.

Thick and fluffy




And who wouldn’t want this beautiful Green colour all over their lawn? And staying this was as well? No matter if its been 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 years since you put your lawn down, give us a call if you are having problems and we will do our best to help diagnose the problem, and recommend the best way to return your lawn to its optimum healthy green state again. Because a Coastal Turf Lawn is for Life. A happier more time spend outside life. A place to play with your kids, a place to sit and watch the stars, and a place to roll around with the dog. And in the extremes of our weather, like now with our very chilli winds that are whipping through, having lawn right up against your home with help reduce your heating bills, as well as vastly reduce your cooling bills in Summer.

So a Coastal Turf Lawn may look thick, but it is the bright tough thickness you are looking for for you new lawn.

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