A Grade Grass? And are you getting apples for apples?

I was watching the TV the other night and the ad came on for the new laws that are coming out so people can compare home loans. What a  great Idea. And the QTPA (Queensland Turf Producers Association) and the TPA (Turf Producers Australia) are trying to bring it in for Turf.


Too many times I get calls from people who say that they can get turf for cheaper, and will we match prices. My answer is always that at Coastal Turf sell our A Grade Products at that price because we REALLY have A Grade Grasses. A grade Turf to us means weed free and thick and Fluffy – not just cut off a farm paddock that could be a type of grass, but it has lots of other different grasses in it. It is really important that you ask companies what their A Grade products are and what makes them an A Grade Grass.


I know our A Grade Palmetto’s and Zoysia’s only have Palmetto and Zoysia in them. Our A Grade Wintergreen and Queensland Blue Couch only have Couch in them. But we do have B Grade grasses for those who don’t want the A grade grasses and are looking to save a bit of money. Our B Grade Grasses are not as thick and Fluffy as the A Grade, and are therefore labeled and sold that way, cheaper than the A Grade. But give them the 6 week settle time and they will be thick and fluffy at your place.


So please watch and compare prices, but also ask about their quality! Coastal Turf does A Grade to A Grade Quality!

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