A blue Couch Lawn on a Budget?

Do you need a Blue Couch lawn, but you a a budget you have to stick to? Yes I said NEED.

I think a soft comfortable, low watering, dark green, inviting lawn is a need. A need because you need someone to relax. A need because you NEED a place to be happy. A NEED because you have to breathe and a lawn is the best place to convert CO2 to beautiful O2.

So at Coastal Turf we have a paddock that is nearly ready, but not quite A grade quality. So we thought rather than letting it get fat at our farm, why not send it to mature as someones lawn. And we are happy to provide you with all the advice to make your lawn the best in the street.

This is a super special price of $6 per sqm. And will only be here while the stocks last. Call us now to ask about the Special Blue . 0266763695