3rd generation Turf Farmer

I’d like to introduce my daughter to you all. Hollie is 4 and is aiming to be the 3 generation of Turf Farmers in the family. Holl loves to drive the trucks with her Poppa, but her first love on the farm is driving the tractor.

So maybe dirt really does flow through our veins. But that’s what happen to us, Dad has taught us from day one about the love of farming, and we think this comes through in our work. Although I don’t work on the farm full time, I still really enjoy going down and working on the farm.Dad is the sort of teacher that doesn’t care if your a boy or a girl, he still expects the same from us. And we are passing that through to our kids, with the boys racing to catch up to Hollie.

So for turf that is grown with family care, Don’t worry we don’t let the 4 year old grow the turf, give us a call on 1300 787 545. Thanks chat soon