Green Couch Bounce.

This morning coming down to the farm was much easier than others. The air is warm, and the sun was shining and the grass smelt beautiful. Don’t you just love that freshly mowed smell. It has so many of those childhood memories attached to the fresh mown smell. I always have those happy childhood feelings come rushing back and it makes me smile.

And it is a smell and a feeling I want my kids to share in. Although my children may develop memories a little different to mine. Mine are of my Dad mowing our lawn with the old Victor and then running through and playing in the grass clippings. And of course playing cricket on the couch. You can get a really good bounce off a green couch lawn.

My Children will have memories of me mowing the Green Couch paddocks in a tractor, singing badly to what they call “Old” music. Hopefully though the Soccer Mum memory holds more weight in their minds though. It is, of course, now its Soccer season. So my boys and I are out on the green couch having a practice. And it does always make me feel better knowing that I tend to bounce better on a green couch lawn. I am meant to be just a spectator but quite often I am roped in, to be Goalie or another position that is less likely to have to run,  and I get knocked down. And the couch is comforting when as a Middle aged woman of not fantastic fitness I fall down on the ground.

Green couch Gives a good bounce

I do think my kids will have some of the fun memories associated with the smell of freshly mown lawns. Hopefully its not of their mother strolled on the ground after they have deftly manoeuvred a ball straight past her.


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