The week of Chocolate and Daylight savings endings

I know my stomach is very full of chocolate now. My kids were lovely and “shared” their chocolate with me. Well, by “shared” I mean that I got all their chocolates that they didn’t like. Which is great cause I love peppermint chocolate. And now my nieces and nephew in Qld are on holidays, and are relaxing at home. While my NSW kids are still at school.

But I think the most exciting thing happening this week is that Daylight savings finishes. This week will be our last week of getting to our NSW farm in the dark. The last week of confusing people when our drivers day they will be there at 8am and arrive at 7am. The last week of accidentally calling someone at 7am instead of 8am because they live in Qld and didn’t mention it on the message. I for one will be so glad and relieved. I think Sunday will feel like a HUGE sleep in for us all. We will gain an hour, but we will lose an hour as well.

We will loose an hour because we have been able to accomodate both NSW and QLD people with the 7-8am delivery slot with ease. Now there will be more shuffling and arranging to make sure everyone gets their turf early in the morning to install your new lawn.

So this Saturday book in for Saturday morning early deliveries

Chat soon