Turf Dogs and Grass

This is Ethel. Ethel is one of our farm dogs. Her job is to  generally look after the farm, pre dog test all the turf varieties, and also be the best company a turf farmer could ask for. 

Ethel the Turf dog, ensuring that the grass is perfectly safe to rub dogs tummies along.
And feels good too!

Ethel spends her days running around the farm, or sleeping in the office. 

Ethel believes that all of these jobs are extremely important. And applies gusto to them all. 

Ethel will be here waiting, tail wagging enthusiastically when you arrive to pick up your turf. Ethel loves cuddles and she will she will expect them upon arrival. Ethel is super friendly and loves to welcome people onto the farm. She also will make a loud noise when you arrive to to let everyone know in the shed, you are here to collect your turf. 

Ethel’s downfall is  she really, really loves a sandwich. And she believes that every sandwich is hers. And she strongly believes  that all sandwiches are hers, so she will very gently, but purposefully, relieve  you of your sandwich. This has caused several things to happen. 

One, Ethel is becoming slightly round. 

Two, Ethel is not encouraged around the lunch table or near lunch boxes any more.

And three, it has encouraged all the guys on the farm to bring something else in for lunch. A salad has ben the main choice amount the men, because Ethel, does not make friends with salad.  She is purely a carbs girl. Which is also why she is round. 

But being our beautiful farm dog, along with her sister Jessica and her daughter Millicent, Ethel does have an important job. And it’s not just keeping the farm guys on their diets. Ethel and the girls make sure that the turf is ready and raring to go to become your families new lawn. 

Ethel and the girls run across all the paddocks. All three of the girls are Kelpies, which are a really active breed. (Well, they are meant to be. Since Ethel’s carb addiction, she has slowed down a little, well a lot) And being an active breed they can give a lawn quite the work out. 

This is how we know which lawn will cope with your furry family members on the lawn. Running, jumping, playing and turning quickly with their claws and paws. For example, the Wintergreen couch, although soft, handles the wear and tear of active dogs really well. The regrowth covers any scruff marks the dogs make as they sprint (or waddle), dart and have so much fun as they go across the grass. Perfect for active breeds. 

And because Ethel is only thinking of others, we also know that rounder, less active dogs, love a soft green grass to lie upon. And that sometimes a heavier dog can do more damage than a really active dog. Because heavier dogs can cause more compaction on the lawn. Because just because she is a little round, does not mean she doesn’t still love to run, a little. So we know the buffaloes are great for high impact lawns. 

Being dog lovers and having  the girls in the farm all the time, it is a given that we choose only sprays that when applied to the turf, are safe for the dogs to still frolic and play. And with our fertilisers, we go as organic as possible. Ethel tries to eat that as well, but she prefers sandwiches. 

Ethel and I both look forward to seeing you next time you come out to the farm to pick up your turf, or hopefully, one day we can venture out of the office and come and deliver some turf to yours well. 

It didn’t go as planned, and thats ok….

I love this quote. I was looking on line to find inspiration quotes to send to my daughter to keep the smile on her face, when I came across this one.

Not only does it kinda perfectly say everything that has been 2020 so far (please karma do not get me). But it also reminds me of when we have that one thing that we really want for an area in our home. Then when we investigate it properly and ask the people who know, we find out that it is just impractical and not gonna work anyway. Or worse going to cost us more money than we wanted.

It is sometimes defeating, but quite often when you have the right people on your side, it all works out in the end anyway. Like when a person calls us who really has their heart set on a robust buffalo lawn for an area that is in full baking sun all day or another who has their heart set on a soft wintergreen couch lawn for an area that is really shady.

These lawns will not really thrive and look as beautiful as they should.

Working with a family like Coastal Turf means you can get the best lawn to suit your conditions, and your budget.

When you describe your area to us, we start to form a mental picture of the area and then we can work with you to find the best suited grass for your home. Be it a thick leafed buffalo for the shadier lawns, or a soft fine leafed couch for full sun areas.

Or maybe it is suiting the best variety to your lifestyle. It is no good having a slow growing and slow repairing lawn if you have a soccer team training every day on your back yard now. You need a fast repairing, can-withstand-my-kids-at-home-training-now lawn.

All of which area possible. And always try to work with you an a budget too. Especially during these crazy times!

So even though your morning, day, week, month and all of 2020 has not gone as planned, let’s make it ok. Together.

Click here to see which new lawn will make you smile at your home.

Or here to get in contact with Sarah to get personalised help.

Lets get something like this at your place!

We are still delivering Turf to the Gold, Tweed and Byron Coasts

Yes we are still delivering our beautiful A grade premium quality turf straight to your door. And its all hands free!

During this time of COVID-19, rest assure that ever measure has been taken to ensure the health and well being of yourself as well as the Coastal Turf team. And especially your turf. Your turf will be machine harvested, and loaded onto our trucks via our skid steer loaders.

When our drivers arrive at your home, they will place the turf as close as possible to where you want to install your new lawn, again with our skid steer loaders. Although we offer personalised service, we will deliver your turf untouched by human hands.

And if you want to get out and about for a bit of a drive, you are more than welcome to come and pick your fresh turf from our farm at Round Mountain Road, near Cabarita Beach and Hastings Point.

We will load the turf with our skid steer loaders into your ute or trailer. With a friendly smile. We just ask for a day or twos notice. We can even send you the link to apply for a border pass for those coming from Queensland.

Your new lawn will be delivered hands free!

Our team know how important it is to be able to get out in the fresh air, and enjoy yourself on your beautiful new lawn.So we are still delivering 6 days a week, straight to your new lawn.

It does not matter if you are on the Tweed Coast, Byron Coast or Gold Coast, Coastal Turf is delivering to you!

So while you are at home, and possibly have a few “helpful” children at home too, why not install your new lawn? It could be a great way to bring everyone together as well as getting in those physical exercise hours in .

And even better, now that we are all allowed to have another family come over and visit, you can get friends and family to come and help you!

Or better still, sit on your new lawn and enjoy your time together.

Gove us a call today to arrange your delivery.

Easter on a Coastal Turf Lawn in 2020

2020 has been a year that I don’t think any of us will forget. Drought, Fires, Floods, Lawns grubs int her millions, and then Social Isolation due to COVID-19.

So it is no surprise that Easter 2020 is not going to be like any that we have seen before.

I don’t think the huge family gatherings will happen. The Easter camping trips are off. But chocolate Easter egg hunts on your Coastal Turf lawn can still be on! You can still hide eggs and crunch away on them. Or if you area little older you could try something else.

Usually at Easter, my nieces, nephews, adn families friends come over and we Easter Egg hunt on the farm. Through al the paddocks And its so much fun!

This year I couldn’t get them all here. And there is no way kids are good at 1.5m distance.

So I instead, because I love traditions, and I am not going to let a big nasty disease stop me from having fun, we had an Easter Egg hunt with my two youngest kids and the Turfman Team.

So although 2020 is not he same as other, more quieter, more routine years, make it your own. Start new traditions. make Easter hunts more than chocolate eggs in your lawn.

And sit on your Coastal Turf lawn over Easter and relax.

#stayathome. We will come to you

Coastal Turf is encouraging you to #stayathome

Coastal Turf has always offered a professional delivery service, and it is no different today. We will bring to your new lawn area your turf on pallets, slide them off with our bobcat and then wave to you as we goo.

All ordering and payment can be done on line, either via this website or on the phone. So although we offer a personal service, it is now a personal service that is personally physically contact free!

So #stayathome and install your lawn. We will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Social Distancing is the perfect time to install your new lawn.

Are you at home this week? Have you been told that you need to be social distant from people, so please do not come into work?

So you are sitting at home. Looking at your house. And it is probably telling you mean things like, you should clean the bathroom, again. You should really clean out the Tupperware cupboard. You need to clean the oven, again.

I know that if I spend too much time at home it almost feels like the four walls are enclosing in on me. That the air feels stale. And all the people who are in the house with me are really just the most annoying people in the world.

Which is why, when you are forced to be at home, it is always a good idea to go outside. Walk out on to your backyard and take a big breathe. Look around.

Could you use your time at home for something actually productive? Something that is going to be fun and also be of benefit to you and your family?

A new lawn or grassed area is perfect for families when you are all at home. It can become that place of sanctuary where you go out to work on your computer, in the clean fresh air. Or the place where you can go and physically move around, kick a ball, throw a frisbee. Or the place you send everyone else because they are becoming the most annoying people in the world.

This is now the perfect time to install that new lawn! You have the time! You have been told not to leave your premises. But stay home. And everything you need for a beautiful new lawn can be delivered straight to your home, without you leaving the house once!

Its as easy as checking out on the varieties page which of the beautiful types of grasses you would like for your home. Think about it like, since you have been told not to go out and party in the usual places, like Splendour in the Grass, which grass type would you like to listen to your music on at home? And at home your can listen as loud as you like through your headphones and take your shoes off. A lot nicer! And no one is going to stare at you when you dance like Beyonce.

Or which grass would you like to sit down on in the sun and relax with a great book and a better beverage? Soaking up the healing rays and relaxing into your self isolation.

Then head over to our Ordering on line section and lock in your time and date of delivery of your new lawn. Or give me a call and I can help you with your choice of lawn and help plan your delivery.

Once your order is locked in, I will then send you an installation guide, so if you are not so self isolated, like if you happen to have your kids and partner home too, you can motivate your team with the exciting news and practical ways you will be installing your new outside isolation area.

On the chosen day one of the boys will come and place your pallet/s of turf as close as possible to wear you want to install your new lawn. And we can do it two ways.

We offer a “no contact delivery” where we chat to you in the phone and you tell us where to put the turf. You stay inside and don’t have to talk to anyone and then go out when we have left all your beautiful new lawn there for you.

Or we can ring your door bell, say hi, and you can show us where you would like the delivery, ask any questions about inflation or establishment.

It’s totally up to you. We are here to help you get the best lawn possible to aide in your time at home. Just because you have to stay home, doesn’t mean you should sit on the couch. And especially while the sun is shining during the day, now is a great time to be outside.

Take advantage of your time at home. I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Chat Soon!


It’s so much better being at home outside, than sitting inside in the stale air, breathing each others breathe.

So you think you have Lawn Grubs?

So you think you or more specifically, your lawn may have the displeasure of being eaten and chomped upon by nasty little Lawn Grubs? The horrid evil nasty beasties or “caterpillars” as they are known by small children, love nothing more than to eat all your beautiful lawn that you love so much.

So what is a Lawn Grub?

Unfortunately it is not dirty little kids playing on your lawn. A Spodoptera Maurita or Lawn grubs or Army Worms, start their life as a little egg. Laid by a mummy moth in various little crevices around your home and surrounds, to keep their eggs safe from the elements. Mummy moths can lay up to 500 eggs per night for several consecutive nights, in places like pegs; Garage door dips; Fly screens; Eaves; Windows of cars; And worst still your clothes.

You may have seen the moths flying around your lawn, or home. And thought “oh, how lovely.” But not lovely dear reader. Oh No. They are not a nice butterfly just fluttering along. They are strong warriors dropping their egg bombs ready to explode and release their hunger on your lawn.

Or, if you are one of those wonderful “Always look on the bright side of life people”, you can see it as a compliment. The mummy moths find the best lawns with the tastiest feeds for her children, to lay their eggs near.

But how did the horrid beasts go from little fluffy cloud like egg sacks into your lawn you ask? Well the eggs hatch at night, and the grubs zip line to the ground via a thin silk like thread. Or they dislodge the thread from the eggs sack and float away on the wind, like a paratrooper, to your lawn to discover the magical land of plenty. You might wonder how big are they when they hatch. As small as this.

This is a close up photo of them falling down thin silk from their eggs on a garage door at night.

How do you know if there are even of the little creepy crawlies around? Well firstly your lawn might start looking like this?

Or This? A surprise underneath when you mow.

Or you could come out at night to see these crawling around?

But if you have an exciting life, are busy and have not found the time to inspect your lawn at night time, throw a towel on your lawn over night. In the moring come out and slowly raise the towel to see what is lurking underneath.

Being nocturnal, the Army Worm will only show itself on the surface in the dark. So by tricking the not so clever when it comes to body clocks Army worms, into thinking it is still night time with the cover of darkness of a towel, you can see if there are nasty grubs in your lawn with a invigorating cup of coffee in hand. When you lift the towel up, you can see if there is any caterpillar action going on.

Most of the consuming of your beautiful lawn will happen when the caterpillar is tiny. The little teeniest tiny itty bitty little bug will fall through the cracks in your lawn and munch and munch and munch. And then grow and grow and grow to become about 40mm long.

When they have had their fill, they will burry down into the soil, right down about 80mm deep to pupate into mummy and daddy moths. And then the whole process begins again. And all this takes mere weeks. Mere weeks to destroy a beautiful lush healthy lawn.

So what can you do about it?

The eggs are your first battle in the war against the infestation of Army Worms, Lawn Grubs or Spodoptera Maurita in your lawn.

Get out your bucket of soapy water, a cloth or scrubbing brush. These are your first weapons. Wash these little egg sacks off. Squish them as you do. Clean away any of the eggs. And keep an eye out for anymore.

In your actual lawn though, there are three things you can do about it.

One. Do nothing. And watch your investment of time, money, love, sweat, and sometimes tears, be eaten by tiny monsters. And give up on having a beautiful lawn. It may come back after the lawn grubs have eaten everything green and then moved on. But most likely not.

Two. Go Biological. This is path the Coastal Turf has taken on our farm. We use Endopathogenic Nematodes as part of our IPM ( Integrated Pest Management) to consume the grubs. We have found that the use of these even scarier bugs (upon researching into the Endopathogenic Nematodes I have never had so many nightmares), eat the lawn grubs from the inside.

Our experts on the farm have the knowledge and the know how to keep our little Nematodes alive to kill any invaders that may slip through our watchful eyes. It is not easy. Although the Nematodes are ferocious, they are fickle animals. The soil must be at the perfect moisture levels. It cannot be too hot. And application can only be at night as well, because the Nematodes do not react well to UV light. It’s kind of like releasing “The Baby” from “The Croods.” Vicious and unstoppable, but still needs to be mollycoddled.

All in all, although the Nematodes are really effective, and under and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach, work wonderfully and at a fraction of the cost, when applied professionally. But it is not really for the everyday man.

Once you have found that you have Lawn Grubs, it is usually because you have plague proportions in your lawn. It is because they have eat you out of lawn and green grass. The Nematodes work slowly and carefully, meticulously working their way through to kill all curl like grubs. Which is great when in a professional situation you have the grubs under a watchful eye so they do not affect your product. But in a lawn situation, you needs those little bastards dead quickly.

Three. Chemical Control.

This is the most effective and least time consuming control of a Lawn Grub infestation. Especially on a domestic situation. And in the warfare against evil Lawn Grubs, you need a fast complete kill. But please be careful when applying any chemicals around your home. They are still chemicals and do require you to use some PPE (personal protection equipment). If ever in doubt, call in a professional.

There are two different very effective chemical components that kill lawn grubs. Chlorpyrifos or chlorantraniliprole. Chlorpyrifos is the active ingredient in products such as our Amgrow Patrol Ant and Army Worm Killer. Chlorantraniliprole is active in products like Acelepryn.

Before we moved onto Nematodes, we used products like Chlorpyrifos on the farm. This chemical is great at killing grubs fast. But it is an insecticide. And can cause some of the Good Bugs to be affected. So please use only the amount that is listed on the back of the label.

Lawn grub controls can come in a liquid form to be applied with a spray pack at night, or in sand granulated form. If you choose to spray, check your spray pack for any leaks. You do not want to be walking around with chemical leaking down your back. When you mix the chemical in the pack wear gloves that cover up your arms, and pour the chemical in first. Add a squish of dishwashing liquid to help the chemical stick to the leaf, and then add the water, gently. We always recommend using breathing protection as well.Like a face mask. It is part of our Work Place Health and Safety.

It is preferable if you also add a little colourant to the spray, like the ColourMaxx . A dark green is nice. Not only does it show you where you have sprayed, but also gives you a little hope that the lawn will return to being really green. Head out at dust and while wearing covered shoes and pants, and face mask, spray the lawn in a backward and forward motion. Try to ensure no areas are missed and that the spray is getting right down into the thatch of your lawn.

I think for home use the sand granulated form is safer for you to apply. The sand is sprinkled across your lawn and then given a slight spray with the hose to activate. The sand usually comes on shaker bottles. Our Patrol bottles have a child proof lid. Which can be tricky to get off. Squeexe the edges and then with covered shoes walk along and sprinkle the sand over your lawn. This means that you have no real contract with the chemical. But wearing shoes just gives you that peace of mind. Once you have spread the sand across your entire lawn, get your hose out and give it a quick water. Easy as that.

After you have activated the sand with the water, stay off for a day or so with bare skin and animal paws. Sometimes it can cause a reaction. The sand will sink to where the evil grubs are and start to eliminate your problems in your lawn. Then sit back and relax. Knowing that your lawn is once again protected.

The Patrol causes a bad reaction in the grub, and well, make them explode. It kills them. Very dead. Often there is nothing left for the birds or wasps to eat.

With all the chemicals just remember you should protecting yourself first. Apply at the rate prescribed on the box, and wear PPE. Keep yourself and loved ones with bare skin away from your lawn for a few days.

In 10 days after you have waged war against the Army worm and won, check that reinforcements have not been called in to eat again. Place the towel on the lawn over night again and check in the morning.

If you see the reinforcements, check for eggs, and possibly think about changing the way you applied the chemical. Switch to a sand granulated or ensure you spray at dusk.

Now is the time to start repairing your lawn. Give our lawn experts at Coastal Turf another call or send us an email and we can talk you through the best fertilisers to make your lawn look stunning again. Maybe even a little better.

And return to a lawn that looks like this. Ahh. Sigh. Just makes you happy hey?

The Suns out, and the Grass is super green

It is at our farm. The Sun is shining down and looking bright and happy. And the grass, which is recovering from having a lot of water, is looking super green and happy too.

It is such wonderful sight to see what was looking sad and brown to now looking really really rich and green. I imagine you have all seen this on your street as well. Going from that brown almost dead look, to super lush and happy.

Just make sure that when your lawn is coming back from the ill health of drought, that it doesn’t contract another worse infection. Lawn Grubs! There are so many around at the moment. I even found some in the office sample pots!

The nasty little biters are cruising around and looking for a lush lawn to devour. Make sure you are prepared and don’t end up with your lawn being completely chomped out. Get a sand granulated lawn grub killer from Coastal Turf to ensure your lawn stays the beautiful green lush colour that the rain has brought back.

And if you lawn is not returning to a gorgeous lush colour, give us a call and we can either hep diagnose what the problem is, or set you up with a beautiful new lawn.

I love transformations like this one on our blue couch paddock. I always say going from brown to green is just one of those marvellous feelings that make you smile, not matter what.

The use of organic Nematodes as well as the beautiful rain has brought this paddock back to life. Imagine what Coastal Turf can do for your new lawn.

The beautiful sound of rain, can stop now.

The rain has brought some much needed welcome relief to the Tweed, in Northern NSW. But I think it can stop now.

As much as I think we all rain danced, prayed, begged, pleaded and offered up exchanges, we all have had enough rain here now.

Today, the 11th Feb 2020 our farm has now had more water in the last 5 days fall from the sky than fell all last year.

So we are a bit wet and soggy.

We are hoping to be back and harvesting this Friday. So please stay in touch with us.

Our grass will be greener and healthier than ever!

And please remember that if you have any concerns with your lawn’s health give us a call. Lawn grubs or Fungus. We are here to help!

Who do you talk to about getting a beautiful new lawn at your home?

Who do you talk about getting a beautiful new lawn?

Is it your Dad? Who has years and years of experience with life. And knows so much and about so much. And has a reasonable greenish lawn?

Do you chat with your neighbour? Maybe ask them about what they did wrong? Just in case you do it to your lawn.

Or do you ask Dr Google? And get a million different answers. With everyone having a very strong opinion on what is “The BEST?”

Do you ask Siri or Alexa? And then find out some very interesting information about how goldfish are born and watch an interesting youtube video about fortnite dances? Maybe one day she will understand what we are all saying…

Or do you ask the experts? The people who have worked, loved and grown beautiful lawns for over 25 years?

At Coastal Turf we pride ourselves on creating beautiful turf grasses to become your new lawn. With over 25 years experience in all things Grass on the Tweed, Ballina, Byron And Gold Coasts, we know which variety will look stunning at your home. Not just now but well into the future.

Our after care service means that you are not abandoned when the turf is delivered. Instead at Coastal Turf we ensure that we contact you in 6 weeks to see if you have any queries. And we welcome people to call and chat about their lawns.

So call Coastal Turf and create beautiful lawns at your home.